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Refurbished Apple

Devices marked as Apple refurbished - or Ref - are sold in various shops worldwide. These are original Apple electronics, the technical condition of which is identical to new. They go through a full quality check and are sold with an official warranty.

Refurbished and used devices are totally different. In the first case, you get a device that is identical to a new one in terms of characteristics. But if you buy a used iPhone or MacBook, it goes in the condition the previous owner sold it. You will have to deal with all the pitfalls, because there was no testing and service before you got the device.

A refurbished Apple is an original and tested gadget packed in a sealed box with a warranty and complete set. You may face problems only if you run into an unscrupulous business. Therefore, choose certified companies and stores with an excellent reputation.

Range of Refurbished Apple products

The companies that support refurbished Apple never hide this fact and use only original Apple parts for maintenance of second-hand products. Also, they never sell refurbished devices as new. Therefore, the box is different from the original one, but there’s a full set of original accessories included. There may also be minor defects that do not affect the performance of the gadget.

At you can buy any popular product of Apple refurbished from a reliable supplier, Breezy.

  • iPhone
  • MacBook
  • iPad
  • Apple Watch
  • AirPods

All of them feature the following benefits:

  1. Attractive Price – updated devices are way more affordable than new ones.

  2. Quality Check – refurbished gadgets pass 55 steps of verification, so the probability of defects tends to zero.

  3. 12 Months Warranty - The buyer receives the same protection as a new gadget owner.

  4. Environment Friendly - Upgrading electronics doesn’t release a huge amount of waste into nature as production of new items.