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Wine Accessories

The culture of wine growing, making, and drinking can be traced back as far as several millennia. Quality wines require special attention. It all starts with opening a bottle, and practical accessories for wine will help effortlessly open, serve, and even store the wine left.

Do not think that only a sommelier may need such a set. Any connoisseur of good wine would be delighted to receive wine accessories as a birthday gift or as a sign of attention for your near and dear for no reason.

High-class sets of luxury wine accessories are packed into stylish boxes, which makes it a top-notch present for a business partner or manager of any level.

What accessories for wine are included in sets

Accessories for wine lovers help not only to quickly uncork bottles of wine, but also to enjoy the taste and aroma of drinks even long time after opening. Wine etiquette is so easy when you have the right accessories at hand and hosting guests becomes a real delight.

  1. Foil cutter instead of improvised means - Unveil the wine beautifully with the cutter that gently and quickly removes foil from the neck of a bottle.
  2. Electric corkscrew for effortless opening - The device features buttons for screwing the blade in and pulling the cork out. The corkscrew is powered by a built-in battery, charging base is also included.
  3. Aerator for full taste disclosure - The wine set is not good enough if it does not include wine pouring accessories. Aerator saturates the drink with oxygen, reveals its aroma and softens the tannins that have not yet matured. Ideal for serving both young and aged wines.
  4. Special vacuum cork
  5. - It performs two essential functions at once: it pumps out excess air and preserves the taste of wine. You no longer must drink whole bottle at once: with a set, you can stretch the pleasure.